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Developing Their Knowledge and Skills

Many losers won’t invest time and money in this type of preparation because:

· They dislike studying and related work.

· They arrogantly believe that they are so talented that they don’t need to work on self-development.

· They argue that Johnny Moss and many other immortals didn’t read books and magazines, watch DVDs, or use high-tech training tools.

But they don’t have the immortals’ gifts, and most training tools did not exist in “the good old days.” Books, magazines, and high-tech tools are powerful weapons. We have Card Player and other fine magazines, many excellent books, DVDs, videos, training camps, coaches, Internet forums, and discussion groups. Television lets us see great players’ cards, watch their moves, and hear the analyses of commentators and players. High-tech tools, such as Card Player’s Odds Calculators, Card Player Analyst, computer simulations, and hand-tracking software, collect and analyze information in ways the old-timers could not even imagine

Your opponents are using these training tools, and you can’t stay competitive without using them. Fighting poker battles without them is like fighting gunmen with a bow and arrows. In fact, because they have invested the time and money to master so many tools, today’s players know immeasurably more about poker than Johnny Moss, Sailor Roberts, Jack Straus, and the other immortals.

People romanticize the old-timers in sports, but objective data prove that they were very inferior to today’s athletes. We can’t objectively compare the poker immortals to today’s players, but modern athletes have shattered virtually every record. They run and swim faster, jump higher and longer, and lift heavier weights. If the gold medalists of 1968 competed in the 2008 Olympics without using modern tools, they wouldn’t have a chance.

Progress is even greater in mental activities. Today’s physics students know more than Isaac Newton, the most influential physicist of all time. A teenager with a computer can solve problems that once baffled everyone.


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