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Update from Richard

Hello All,

I'd Just like to give a little update since it has been a week since the last one.  Ashley did have a stent put in near the exit from the stomach because it was partially blocked in that spot.  She then had to slowly reintroduce liquids and then some soft food into her diet.  This was because she had not kept anything down for several weeks and they had to get her stomach accustomed to food again.  She is just now starting to eat small amounts of more normal food.  She is still not feeling very well and all of this is very hard on her.

Ashley plans on meeting with several doctors today to lay out the plan ahead.  At this time, we are expecting another chemo session and the first Keytruda treatment tomorrow.  We are hoping that this treatment will shrink the tumors somewhat so that her liver enzyme levels return to a more normal level.  Then, she would be able to get her Super T-cells put back into her about 3-4 weeks later.

There is still much uncertainty.  Ashley is still very sick.  We are all just taking this day by day.  Ashley, no one should have to endure this kind of suffering but you are so strong and such a fighter.  We love you and are fighting with you.  Miguel, we all thank you sooo much for being by Ashley's side through all of this.  We love you very much.

We ask you all to continue your prayers for Ashley.  You All are a very powerful group of Prayer Warriors and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We love you all.

All our Love,

Ashley & Miguel, Evie & Bernie, Richard & Jaynie


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