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The Next Chapter

Dear Friends and Family,

My heart aches writing this.

As you all know, over two years ago, Ashley was given the diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma, an aggressive cancer of the bile duct. She was devastatingly told that her prognosis and life expectancy were not good and that she could possibly only have a few more months to live. Well, in true Ashley Roozen Mena fashion, she surpassed those odds, but as the previous updates explained, her journey has been full of peaks and valleys. She beautifully rose to the occasion of painful treatments in order to extend her life for her amazing husband, Miguel, her sweet baby girls, Evie and Bernie, and her wonderful parents, Jaynie and Richard Roozen along with countless other family members and friends.

With an extremely heavy heart, I have been granted permission by Ashley to share that her journey of CT scans, PET scans, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, clinical trials, and trips to see her Oncology team at MD Anderson has come to an end. Her medical team has decided to transition Ashley to hospice at this time. She has been home almost one week now, spending much needed time with her family and trying to process this next chapter. She shared with me that her hospice team has been wonderful, the staff is outstanding and she is just happy to be home with her family.

Thank you to everyone for your unending and incredibly gracious support for the Mena and Roozen families throughout these past two years. Your prayers, love, kind words, and financial support have been such a blessing during these very difficult times. Please continue to pray for Ashley, for healing, peace and comfort.

Love and blessings to you all,



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