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Plan a Visit to See Ashley

Hello friends and family,

Now that Ashley is finding comfort at home, we are all hoping to visit her and share as much time with her as we can. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your visit with Ashley and you can continue to offer love and support to her and her family:

Plan ahead - Miguel is maintaining a visitors calendar which keeps a steady stream of people through their doors. Please make sure to text or call to schedule your visit in advance and secure a time slot on the calendar. Check in on the day of your scheduled visit and make sure that they are still up for company. Be aware of visitors that may be coming after you and allow for some quiet time between guests. You can contact Miguel at (360)854-8661 or Jaynie at (360)770-3897 to schedule.

Offer help - If you would like to bring food, please read over the instructions and sign up via the meal train that has been set up. If you would like to offer help in any other way, be specific and be sure to follow through.

Be Yourself - Do not be afraid to laugh, cry or tell stupid jokes. There is no right thing to say or right way to be, just act as you always have.

Relax - While this is a difficult and challenging time for everyone who cares for Ashley, the best thing you can bring to her at this time is your calm presence. Take off your coat, find a comfortable place to sit and simply be present. You can let Ashley guide the conversation or allow for silence.

Remember it's not about us - Do not take it personally if your visit needs to be cancelled at the last minute, if the food you bring does not get eaten or if you are asked to leave the room or end your visit early. The goal should be to be there for Ashley and her family, not the other way around. Again, it’s not personal, it’s end stage cancer and parts of it really really suck, so let's all try to be as understanding as possible.

As we all make visits to see Ashley during this time, let us prioritize her peace and comfort above all else. Being mindful of the length of our visits, her wishes and needs as well as allowing space for time with her immediate family and for much needed rest are simple ways we can do this.

Here is a great resource with more tips for visiting a loved one receiving hospice care that you may find helpful.

I hope everyone that wishes to see Ashley and share time with her, share memories with her, share love and laughter with her and say a proper goodbye to her get to do so.

All the best,



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