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Houston...hopefully we soon don't have a problem

Diagnostic laparoscopy of abdomen, peritoneum, and omentum, complete left lobectomy of liver, partial lobectomy of liver, limited lymphadenectomy for staging; pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes, cholecystectomy, air cholangiogram.

Yikes. Big. Scientific. Words. Do I know what these words mean? A couple of them. Did I get my Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science? Absolutely. (Holla Chapman University Alumni!) But I honestly do not know what most of them mean and I am ok with that. Might seem weird to some of you. I am usually the type of person who wants to know anything and everything. If you want to google my planned surgical procedures I mentioned above, be my guest. But I am personally taking a naive approach here. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, my upcoming schedule looks like this: labs drawn and a CT imaging scan August 6th, meet with my medical team August 7th to talk pre op, and surgery hopefully, August 8th. I just want to make sure everyone knows there is the possibility that August 7th we could get bad news that I cannot be operated on. This is unlikely, but I have always tried to keep an open and honest conversation around what is going on with my cancer journey. However, something I am holding on to is my biggest and best memory from meeting with the one and only, Dr. V this past June. He told me in his beautiful french accent, “I am going to take as much of the cancer out as I possibly can, and your scar along your abdomen will be in the shape of a reverse L, for Love.” That’s all I need to know. That’s my main takeaway for my upcoming procedure. I know it’s a pretty invasive procedure but I also know that I have so much life left to live. In two weeks from today, I plan to show you all that. 

Two whole weeks left until the big day of me (hopefully!) getting rolled into the operating room early in the morning. Whatever you are doing that day, wherever you are doing it, please just try to think of me and my family. You can call it what you want; prayer, love, whatever it is, it is working. I have faith in who I am, in who you are, the beautiful love and magic that surrounds any of us who are willing to open our hearts to our truth here in this wonderful world.


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