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Hospital life

Hi all! Feeling pretty good and so thankful for all the thoughtful messages. The medical staff here is downright amazing. They are taking such good care of me minus getting woken up quite a bit when trying to sleep. 

Miguel stayed with me all night which was nice. I’m actually sitting up in a chair right now and did a tiny bit of standing which felt surprisingly good. I’m also eating a few ice chips and working on my breathing exercises with some breathing device that I don’t know the name of. 

I’m currently in an overflow room but should be moving rooms at some point today.

I wanted to mention that while I’m thankful for people donating money on my caring bridge site, that money doesn’t actually go to me. It goes to the caring bridge company, not to the writers of websites like me. I so appreciate people trying to do that though and find it confusing that caring bridge makes it seem otherwise.

Sending all my love from Houston! Hope everyone has an amazing day and weekend ahead. We will try our best to keep everyone updated. 


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