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From Danielle

This update is copied from Ashley's GoFundMe.

A few days ago Ashley was again sent to the Emergency Room due to uncontrolled nausea and vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and jaundice. She was admitted to the hospital and it was determined that her bile duct was blocked by tumor. The medical team urgently placed two stents, one in Ashley's bile duct and one in her pancreas, in order to prevent worsening pancreatitis. Ashley's condition is slowly improving but she is currently very weak, she has not been able to eat whole foods in quite some time, and we can all agree that a hospital is not the most restful place to be. Additionally, due to COVID-19, Miguel has not been able to be with Ashley while in the hospital. I cannot imagine being in Ashley's position without any loved ones/advocates physically by her side. She is truly one of the strongest patients I have ever met. And you are her rock. It is so clear that God placed you two together, that one night at our house in college.

Today, the medical team discussed discharging Ashley but decided that she would benefit from one more night in the hospital. On another positive note, Ashley's mom and dad, Richard and Jaynie Roozen will be traveling to Houston with the babies, Evie and Bernie this week.

The plan going forward: Discharge from the hospital and meet with her Oncologist at MD Anderson to discuss what the future holds in terms of treatment. Please continue praying and sending your love. Your prayers are felt and are so incredibly powerful.

Thank you for your support as always <3



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