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Ashley Marion Roozen Mena | Service Link

While current restrictions do not allow for the church the host all of those wishing to honor Ashley, the Zoom link below will allow you to view the service from home.

The service will be held this Saturday, the 14th from 10-11am PST.

By clicking on the following link you will be able to watch the service live.

You will need to have the Zoom app downlaoded to your device in order for the link to work.

If you are unable to view the service live, there should later be a recording which will be made available through this blog.


Service Program


Father Paul Magnano

Father Tom McMichael


Merry Maricich, accompanist

Robert Irving, (Ashley's warrior soulmate), accompanist

Nicholas Roach (Ashley's cousin), vocalist


Tara Matty (Ashley's lifelong friend)


Willy Roozen (Ashley's cousin)

Eric Rindal (Ashley's friend)


Entrance Hymn

Be Not Afraid

1st Reading

2 Timothy, 4: 7-8

2nd Reading

Ecclesiastes, 3: 1-13


John, 11: 20-27

Prayers of the Faithful

Tara Matty

Offertory Songs

On Eagles Wings

Communion Song

Bread of Life

Song of Farewell

Hallelujah, a special rendition for Ashley, composed and performed by Robert Irving


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