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Ashley is at Peace

As many of you may already know, Ashley made her transition last night. Her suffering has come to an end.

These past 2+ years, Ashley has shown us what true strength and courage are, and endured so much in her fight. Not only was she waging a physical battle, but she somehow proved to be equally as tough mentally and emotionally. I'll always remember how in Houston she pumped herself up with rap music before going in to hear the results of her scans.

As we all confront our own grief, I pray that the stregth of Ashley's community will hold into the coming weeks, months and years and that we may continue to provide love and support to Miguel, Evie, Bernie, Richard and Jaynie.

Ashley has graciously donated her body to science so that her untimely death may provide longer lives for others.

While Covid restrictions will create some obstacles, a service and as Ashley planned, a FUN-eral will be held. The family is allowing time to process and when arrangements have been made, information will be made available.

Thank you so much to all of you who have offered such immense love, encouragement, prayer and support to Ashley and her family.

Ashley was able to leave her body under the glow of a Christmas tree, in the company of her mother and in all of our hearts forever.

May she rest in peace,



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